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Machine tool industry to create a dominant position for the industry to gather strength

This year, in the face of the new situation of economic restructuring, the role of machinery and equipment manufacturing base of the press, seize the opportunity to attract incremental stocks to help the development of machinery and equipment manufacturing industry cluster to improve the overall level of machinery and equipment manufacturing industry, And growth is […]

CNC punch machine why the thermal deformation

CNC punch machine is the digital control of short, is a standard control system with the voluntary machine. The control system may logically process and decode a program with control codes or other flag command rules so that the punch press treats the punch as a machined part. CNC punch press in the heat of […]

Requirements of NC Punching Tool

1 tool requirements CNC punch press can be used for rough turning. In order to make the rough turn to the full depth, to the knife, roughing tool with high strength, durability, precision car is to ensure precision machining and tooling precision, durability, a good method. In order to reduce tool change time and convenient […]

The Role of Hydraulic Power Station in Drilling Machine

As the name suggests, hydraulic power station is to provide power for the plane drilling equipment, hydraulic power station in the plane drilling machine in the course of the operation mainly play the following roles: 1. Clamping and releasing of the workpiece clamp to maintain sufficient clamping force during the drilling process; 2. To drive […]