CNC punch machine is the digital control of short, is a standard control system with the voluntary machine. The control system may logically process and decode a program with control codes or other flag command rules so that the punch press treats the punch as a machined part.

CNC punch press in the heat of the table, the heat of the heat shock effect, the various parts of the CNC punch will determine the level of heat distortion, so that the relative motion between the workpiece and the associated damage, but also to reduce the accuracy of the machine. For simple thermal deformation, the thermal deformation of the machine tool to reach the safe state, often take a long time to preheat the machine, which in turn affected the delivery rate. Treatment of CNC punch, because the processing is controlled by the computer’s instructions, the impact of thermal deformation is even more tense.

1 CNC punch press on the needs of the parts in the NC punch to be understood, the amount of processing and IPM punch required to purchase the number of CNC punch press and the number of units

2 on the staff of CNC punch time training

3 CNC punch press on the CNC machine tools for trial processing

4, the exact acceptance and installation of CNC punch

Although the IPM punch is extremely severe, but strict after we will receive very good results.