How to Improve the Quality of Pressing Parts The products of automobile stamping parts are rich and complicated in shape. When punching stamping, some undesirable phenomena often occur. How to avoid the problem, Shenzhen IPM has made a beneficial exploration in combination with its own reality. As the process of forming stamping tear copper bar bending machine, skew many reasons, and many reasons interrelated. Therefore, a single from the technical public relations or management is unable to completely solve these problems, must be considered from the mold process and management aspects, to solve every aspect of production in order to achieve good results. 1. Ensure that the mold structure is reasonable The original die-shaped edge of the machine-shaped guide structure into a dedicated self-lubricating guide plate structure cnc busbar machine, can effectively resist lateral force, to overcome the process of forming parts of the instability, and in the production process of free adjustment of its reasonable gap , So that the binder core and die guide guide the gap in the running to maintain long-term uniform and reasonable state. This will not only make the mold run more stable, but also can greatly improve the service life of the mold horizontal band saw.

2, in the mold in the forming process, when the press core is held up, the effective guide from the bottom to increase from 10mm to 80mm, so you can increase the press guide and slide the sidewall guide plate between the contact area, thus So that the mold binder core in the operation will not be affected by the forming force, but also can accurately and steadily into the concave cavity to ensure reliable positioning of parts to ensure flanging gap uniformity. 3. The implementation of standardized operations, improve process control From the management point of view, it is necessary to strictly regulate the process system to control the consistency and accuracy of process parameters so that the production process parameters in the machine parameters always meet the requirements of the same time, should also ensure that the machine tool pressure in the production process long-term stability Reliable, and completely eliminate the pressure difference.