How to Maintain the NC Punch Mold CNC punch press mold life, in addition to a reasonable mold structure, high manufacturing accuracy, good heat treatment effect and the correct selection of presses, presses and other mold installation accuracy factors, the correct use of mold, maintenance and maintenance can not be ignored Of the link, which should note the following: (1) mold installation should be strictly checked before use to remove dirt, check the mold guide sleeve and mold whether the lubrication is good. (2) regular turntable on the turntable and mold mounting base to be checked to ensure that the upper and lower turntable coaxial accuracy. (3) according to the mold installation process will be installed in the turntable on the convex and concave mold to ensure the convex and concave mold in the same direction busbar bending cutting punching machine, especially with the direction of the requirements (non-circular and square) mold more carefully to prevent the installation of the wrong.

(4) mold installed, you should check the mold mounting base of the tightening screw is tight. (5) punch die punch and die die edge wear should stop using drilling equipments, in a timely manner grinding, otherwise it will rapidly expand the mold edge wear horizontal boring machine, accelerated mold wear, reduce the quality of pieces and die life. (6) for the production of general-purpose mold used, there should be a backup in order to rotate production, to ensure production required. (7) stamping personnel to install the mold should use a softer metal (such as copper, aluminum, etc.) made of operating tools to prevent the installation process of knocking, smashing damage to the mold. (8) mold the process of delivery to gently, never allowed to throw litter, so as not to damage the mold edge and orientation. (9) mold should be put back to the designated position after use, and for oil anti-rust treatment. (10) to ensure that the service life of the mold, the spring should also be a regular replacement of the mold to prevent damage to the impact of spring fatigue mold use.