How to Reduce Punch Noise 1, the workshop reverberation time and the noise source to determine the value of noise: reverberation time is the sound of the room to reach a stable state, the sound source to stop sound after the sound of the room in the back and forth reflected by the wall absorption, the average acoustic energy density decreased to the original A millionth of the time. The longer the reverberation time is, the more the noise is reflected in the workshop, the slower the energy decay rate. In the same sound source, the reverberation time is longer than the reverberation time. 2, the choice of sound-absorbing material: a total of five parts sound insulation board, noise through perforated plate holes into the sound-absorbing cotton, a part of the glass wool through the vibration energy into heat energy consumption, the other part of the outer layer of steel isolated, Absorption of the purpose of sharing. 3, sound-absorbing panel sealing treatment: As the entire production line closed processing is a number of small sound-absorbing panels stitched into a closed body, so in order to ensure the noise reduction effect, in the design and manufacturing need to control the sound between the various panels, Generally 1 to 2 mm. In order to minimize the effect of noises passing through these gaps to effect noise reduction, sealants are often used for gap seals.

4, ventilation: the operation of the heat generated by the device itself, coupled with the sound-absorbing material with glass wool insulation properties, the production line within the closed temperature is often higher than the external 3 ~ 5 ℃. In the implementation of noise reduction projects pipe welding machine, usually in the noise ceiling installation of exhaust fans, take away the hot air enclosed space, so that the formation of negative pressure inside, the external air can flow into the interior through the noise walls Flange Drilling Machine. In the selection of exhaust fan selection of low noise fan so as not to affect the noise reduction effect. 5, the lighting treatment: the closure of the project after the implementation of the internal and external lighting equipment, cut off, so the need to increase the enclosed lighting system. In order to ensure the production and maintenance of equipment required for lighting, design illumination of 500 lumens or more. Closed body lighting system to separate wiring, independent switch, to ensure ease of use and does not affect the original power supply system. In addition, in order to prevent a sudden power outage in the enclosed body in the installation of emergency lighting system to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel hydraulic drilling machine.