Impact of the mainland press industry on the Taiwan press industry Compared to the mainland punch tool industry girth welding machine, Taiwan’s punch tool industry has been leading the development. As early as 1994, Taiwan has entered the ranks of the world’s top ten punch press exports, and has maintained a good momentum of development. The Taiwan press tool industry is clearly the development of close ties with the mainland market. With the mainland market demand for punch tools and the level of demand for products to enhance synchronization, the Taiwan press industry is also increasing emphasis on the mainland market. China Punch Tools Industry Association executive vice president Wu Bolin said that in some preferential policies will be very conducive to consolidate Taiwan’s punch in the mainland market position on the mainland punch products will inevitably have an impact and impact Busbar Processing Machine, but there is a trend But can not be changed, is the product of the mainland and Taiwan punch punch product gap is shrinking, or both the power of the game quietly changing.

At present, the global CNC punch market is divided into several camps. Switzerland and Germany are in the first echelon, Japan is in the second echelon, the United States is in the third tier, China Taiwan is in the fourth tier, And Taiwan’s technical level of the punch is the least difference. Taiwan punch industry organizations have three characteristics, one is not the basic production of low-grade products, CNC punch is also basically do not do economic type; Second, do not have large-size, heavy-duty production capacity; third is the rapid development of functional components industry, the full range. In recent years, the development trend shows that the development of the mainland press industry faster than the Taiwan punch industry, but the functional parts industry to be excluded. It is precisely because of this advantage, only to promote the mainland in recent years, the rapid increase in the level of punch products, a great catch up with the momentum of Taiwan punch products busbar shearing machine. This narrowing of the gap, so that the mainland punch products on Taiwan punch produced no small impact. But in the mid-range punch product competition, can not ignore the strength of Taiwan’s punch. In fact, in the future market of the game, the quality will be a very important part of the competition.