In the national policy to promote the development of the punch industry The information shows that the United States has more than 300 companies specializing in machine tools to create the business, Germany, Japan, also generally carried out the machine tool to build business. And then build the machine, there will be to create the price of waste machine tool manipulation of high-tech development and repair and downgrade, even after the machine to re-create the product in the art as hard to keep up with new products H-beam Drilling Machine, but also ineffective to achieve circular economy production methods, saving the capital.

At present, China’s machine tool industry to create the industry there are still familiar errors, for which China’s machinery industry meeting recommended that the country strengthen policy guidance, encourage the machine to create a real, industrial development. From the Chinese machinery industry, Jiangmen real estate network will be informed that, at present, China ‘s holdings of punch about 800 million units. From the use of the product cycle, will gradually enter the high-speed presses, passive presses, CNC punch and other products scrapped the peak of the update, the estimated annual reduction of the old machine will reach hundreds of thousands of units angle shearing machine. In addition, in the context of accelerating the development of economic development and optimization of industrial structure busbar bending cutting punching machine, the demand for high-end CNC machine tools business growth, will accelerate the elimination of machine tool products rate. Machine tool to create industry boundaries, industrial development blueprint is very optimistic.