“We produce large-scale press machinery installed on the card, collecting information on the operation of equipment, real-time feedback to users and manufacturers, the country has no precedent, this fist product so that our core competitiveness is growing.” Yesterday, Mei (China) Industrial Co., Ltd. has stated that the timely development of information to the development of information technology, the operation of production safety measures, punch through the Industrial Cooperation Union docking, not only greatly improved product quality, market customers continue to upgrade , The cost of production decreased significantly in the first half of the company ‘s profits and tax dollars, an extension of about 20%.

IPM machinery “two fusion” began two years ago, a debate on the information industry, Zhenhai layout ignited the statement “two fusion dream.” There is no experience can be copied “IPM Punch” to explore and gradually expand the business of SMS, two-dimensional code, micro letter, punch video and other information technology control to each center business, step by step exposure encouragement.

Punch of information technology integration, “IPM” products to the high-end road quickly. This year, the card module “IPM” and Ningbo University joint venture, each machine installed in the card, the output, voltage, punch temperature and other information on the machine running to achieve timely monitoring of the owners and “IPM” mobile terminal to send customers to synchronize, the company can Abnormal early warning aircraft without lights. This allows to observe the surprise and delight of the customer, believing and purchasing the dream greatly increased.

Information technology to “IPM” products in the market come out on top, but also significant capacity in the enterprise management. For example, a large mechanical shift that reconciles the eight phones needed to punch in the past, now only need to pick up the phone, enter the happy ending of the four numeric keys; company code can be seen everywhere, employees need to pick up “sweep” Management staff is not in the workshop, through the 120 surveillance cameras, “control all” the layout of the workshop, a call to the public issue of radio remote control management.

IPM machinery is the biggest in the vicious competition barriers, has only two products in the market, “Punch in the future, we will follow the technology integration – product integration – business integration – the road of industrial integration in the” two Fusion ‘depth to continue to explore.