This year, in the face of the new situation of economic restructuring, the role of machinery and equipment manufacturing base of the press, seize the opportunity to attract incremental stocks to help the development of machinery and equipment manufacturing industry cluster to improve the overall level of machinery and equipment manufacturing industry, And growth is one of the six leading industries.

Advantage of industrial agglomeration drive upgrade. For the industry, such as mechanical punching equipment more than 80% of the actual total size of the industry, presses promote the development of the industry, bigger and stronger as soon as possible. Become the most development potential of the industrial clusters and competitive advantage.

Kai Wei machinery mainly engaged in the development of hydraulic machines, production and sales. It is reported that the production of high-grade hydraulic equipment blank, as a leading domestic enterprises must play a leading role in driving the development of upstream and downstream industries, promote the transformation and upgrading of precision machinery machine tool industry.

Our product quality is one of the key factors to measure the lasting development of an enterprise. Now, more and more enterprises “revolution” in the “high-precision punch wave, to achieve their own gorgeous turn, virtually making” smart “Made in China.

In recent years, with the continuous development of the industry, the export of machinery products are also more and more other countries, punching domestic enterprises in China’s output increased directly driven by increased foreign demand. International Mold Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui said that China’s hydraulic machinery has formed a larger economic scale, but with the development of the market, hydraulic products, performance requirements are increasingly high, the accuracy of the user which evolved into a market High-end demand.

Internet, e-commerce has also opened up a hydraulic press industry, a new market space, effectively reduce the phenomenon of industry overcapacity. With the development of the Internet, e-commerce, more and more market channels have been opened, because the traditional model of Internet e-commerce has become increasingly saturated, punch the mobile Internet in emerging markets or will become a new bearing industry development. This also requires China’s hydraulic equipment companies to actively develop products to meet the needs of high-end market to achieve through the independent innovation and brand building to stimulate domestic demand and to promote the international field of foundation machinery casting industry action.