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Impact of the mainland press industry on the Taiwan press industry

Impact of the mainland press industry on the Taiwan press industry Compared to the mainland punch tool industry girth welding machine, Taiwan’s punch tool industry has been leading the development. As early as 1994, Taiwan has entered the ranks of the world’s top ten punch press exports, and has maintained a good momentum of development. The Taiwan press tool industry is clearly the development of close ties with the mainland market. With the mainland market demand for punch tools and the level of demand for products to enhance synchronization, the Taiwan press industry is also increasing emphasis on the mainland market. China Punch Tools Industry Association executive vice president Wu Bolin said that in some preferential policies will be very conducive to consolidate Taiwan’s punch in the mainland market position on the mainland punch products will inevitably have an impact and impact Busbar Processing Machine, but there is a trend But can not be changed, is the product of the mainland and Taiwan punch punch product gap is shrinking, or both the power of the game quietly changing.

At present, the global CNC punch market is divided into several camps. Switzerland and Germany are in the first echelon, Japan is in the second echelon, the United States is in the third tier, China Taiwan is in the fourth tier, And Taiwan’s technical level of the punch is the least difference. Taiwan punch industry organizations have three characteristics, one is not the basic production of low-grade products, CNC punch is also basically do not do economic type; Second, do not have large-size, heavy-duty production capacity; third is the rapid development of functional components industry, the full range. In recent years, the development trend shows that the development of the mainland press industry faster than the Taiwan punch industry, but the functional parts industry to be excluded. It is precisely because of this advantage, only to promote the mainland in recent years, the rapid increase in the level of punch products, a great catch up with the momentum of Taiwan punch products busbar shearing machine. This narrowing of the gap, so that the mainland punch products on Taiwan punch produced no small impact. But in the mid-range punch product competition, can not ignore the strength of Taiwan’s punch. In fact, in the future market of the game, the quality will be a very important part of the competition.

widely used in various fields drill machine online.

Zengcheng punch manufacturers, Conghua punch equipment – IPM Punching press is a punching press in the national production punching process, the stamping process because the traditional mechanical processing for saving data and power, high efficiency, the operator’s skill requirements and after all kinds of mold can be used to make mechanical processing Can not reach the product of these strengths, so its usefulness more and more common. Stamping production is mainly for the plate. Can be over the mold, can do blanking, punching, forming, drawing, finishing, fine blanking, plastic, riveting and extrusion parts, etc., are widely used in various fields drill machine online.

If we use the switches and sockets, cups, cupboards, dishes, computer cases, and even missiles aircraft have a lot of accessories can be produced through the mold punch out chamfer machine. Conghua Punch Equipment – IPM mainly produces: precision presses, pneumatic presses, sheet metal presses, forging presses. Welcome customers to buy, and to undertake the special needs of customers specifications products.

In the national policy to promote the development of the punch industry

In the national policy to promote the development of the punch industry The information shows that the United States has more than 300 companies specializing in machine tools to create the business, Germany, Japan, also generally carried out the machine tool to build business. And then build the machine, there will be to create the price of waste machine tool manipulation of high-tech development and repair and downgrade, even after the machine to re-create the product in the art as hard to keep up with new products H-beam Drilling Machine, but also ineffective to achieve circular economy production methods, saving the capital.

At present, China’s machine tool industry to create the industry there are still familiar errors, for which China’s machinery industry meeting recommended that the country strengthen policy guidance, encourage the machine to create a real, industrial development. From the Chinese machinery industry, Jiangmen real estate network will be informed that, at present, China ‘s holdings of punch about 800 million units. From the use of the product cycle, will gradually enter the high-speed presses, passive presses, CNC punch and other products scrapped the peak of the update, the estimated annual reduction of the old machine will reach hundreds of thousands of units angle shearing machine. In addition, in the context of accelerating the development of economic development and optimization of industrial structure busbar bending cutting punching machine, the demand for high-end CNC machine tools business growth, will accelerate the elimination of machine tool products rate. Machine tool to create industry boundaries, industrial development blueprint is very optimistic.

The gap between the domestic machine tool industry and the world In recent years

The gap between the domestic machine tool industry and the world In recent years, the total increase of domestic machine tools quickly, but the market share is still not high (especially CNC machine tools), the current high-end products rely on imports most of mid-range products in the market share of imports also account for a large share CNC Steel pipe welding machine. From the industry as a whole, the industry’s core competitiveness is not strong. There is still a big gap. \t1. Technological innovation capacity is insufficient \t2. The level of industrialization is not high 3 laser cutting. Integrated service capacity is not strong 4. System, mechanism reform is not in place These four aspects of the gap reflects the industry’s current outstanding problems, these problems seriously affect the level of international competitiveness of enterprises axis cnc machine.

Domestic high-speed punch constantly break the monopoly

China has become the world’s largest machine tool consumer countries and high-speed punch importer, while the NC system is an important part of high-speed presses, the cost of machine tool total cost of 30% to 50%. Statistics show that domestic high-end CNC system, about 70% of the share of overseas CNC companies are occupied, and some high-end high-speed press is still regarded as strategic goods in the international market by the embargo restrictions. Five-axis high-speed punch press is one of the signs of high-speed punch technology for large-scale propeller space surface machining of five-axis milling machine. According to industry insiders, in this Taiwan has completely independent intellectual property rights of the major technical equipment to achieve the three major technological breakthroughs: First, the equipment of the super-heavy high-precision spindle box weight, strength and rigidity requirements, to the current The world limit the manufacture of the spindle box; Second, the long bed of the manufacturing process research and precision to the leading domestic level. The length of the machine bed 45 meters, the guide to achieve any one meter length error of not more than 0.015 mm, any length of 20 meters within the error of not more than 0.16 mm, length of 45 meters within the error of not more than 0.27 mm; Three-channel NC technology and three-axis synchronization technology sieve plate machine. ‘Compared with the developed countries, we are speeding up catch up. Some of the successful development of products even to foreign counterparts with a panic, not only broke their long-term monopoly in the domestic market online drill machine, but also forcing them to reduce the price of their products. ‘China Machine Tool Industry Association, said Cheng Cheng-ting, executive vice president.

‘China’s CNC enterprises have the confidence and ability to break the monopoly of foreign companies and technical barriers, with our development of China’s’ brain ‘to equip our country’s equipment, breaking the foreign blockade. Wuhan Huazhong Numerical Control Co., Ltd. official said. Huazhong NC take the general industrial computer hardware platform for the technical line, through the software technology innovation, to achieve a breakthrough in CNC system technology. With common industrial computer and electronic devices, independently developed to break the foreign blockade of the 4-channel, 9-axis linkage ‘Central China 1’ high-performance numerical control system, reached the international advanced level. Tentacles continue to extend Not only that, our high-speed punch products have been extended to complete. CNC machine tools are the key equipment for water, fire, nuclear power station equipment manufacturing, shipbuilding, metallurgy and mine and other major equipment manufacturing and heavy weapons manufacturing, China has become one of the few super-heavy machine tool suppliers. DL250 5-meter CNC heavy-duty horizontal boring lathe is a new product researched and developed independently by Wuzhong Group Steel Frame Structures. It is the largest super-heavy-duty horizontal lathe in the world. The total weight of the machine is 1450 tons, 177 tons, spindle surface runout and radial beating are 0.008 mm.

Press drive system Press hydraulic systems commonly

Press drive system Press hydraulic systems commonly used in hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors are equivalent to the type of container, punch works are the use of their volume changes in oil and pressure oil punching machine, in principle, they are different, but in the structure There are differences. Punch hydraulic system has multi-level overload protection, oil temperature alarm, oil level alarm protection and other automatic protection devices, punch electrical system using sophisticated PLC control, to ensure the safety of equipment and operators. Pressing the working cylinder are used for large flow and secondary fuel tank filling tank at the same time for the liquid drilling machine, punch can achieve rapid oil filling, oil supplement to enhance the return oil, effectively saving the short auxiliary time and improve the forging efficiency. The equipment is equipped with reliable cooling circulation system, which can stably control the temperature rise and ensure the safe and reliable operation of the system. Traveling drive system is an important part of construction machinery. Compared with the working system, the travel drive system not only needs to transmit more power Steel Frame Structures, but also has higher efficiency and longer service life. It is also desirable to change the output shaft rotation direction and reverse transmission Power and so has a good ability.

Pneumatic Pneumatic Components of the shortcomings of the punch

Pneumatic Pneumatic Components of the shortcomings of the punch 1 angle machine, due to the compressibility of the air, the cylinder speed of action vulnerable to changes in load changes. The use of gas-liquid linkage can overcome this shortcoming. 2, the cylinder in low-speed movement, the proportion of friction due to a larger thrust angle bender, the cylinder’s low-speed stability than hydraulic cylinders. 3, although in many applications, the cylinder output power to meet the work requirements, but its output force smaller than the hydraulic cylinder.

Pneumatic Press – Pneumatic technology is based on compressed air as the medium to drive and control a professional mechanical technology busbar shearing machine. Because of its energy-saving, pollution-free, high efficiency, low cost, safe and reliable, simple structure, etc., are widely used in various machinery and production lines. In the past, pneumatic systems and their components in production lines such as automobiles and tractors were designed, manufactured and maintained by each factory.

Pneumatic punch mechanical work principle

Pneumatic press the use of high-pressure gas compressor, compressed gas through the pipeline to the solenoid valve cnc drilling machine, through the foot switch to control the action of the solenoid valve to control the work of the cylinder and return punching machine, so as to achieve the purpose of punching. Pneumatic Punch Compressed air can be stored in the storage tank, ready to use, the pneumatic punch and therefore the motor is not idle energy waste.

Using the cylinder as the working parts, the use of electromagnetic valve as a control element, the machine structure is more simple, low failure rate, high security, easy maintenance, lower maintenance costs boring drilling machine, high production efficiency. Pneumatic punch using 220V power supply to achieve the control of the solenoid valve, the operation is simple and convenient.

Precision punching machine and high-speed punch What are the differences

Now the precision punch press and high-speed punch products are widely used in the industry drill machine for flange, then the precision punch products in many applications is very convenient, why do we like to use precision punching machine or high-speed punch it, precision punch with what unique advantages?

High-speed punching in the process of high-speed stamping need to add high-speed stamping oil stamping, the general use of hand-extruded plastic oil pot intermittent filling, operation is very troublesome, low efficiency; hand pressure is difficult to control the intensity , Resulting in difficult to control the amount of high-speed stamping oil; manual filling operation also has some security risks. At this point can be used to automatically lubricate the oil to the oil cnc drill machine, to improve the quality of the surface of the workpiece to protect high-speed punch stamping die. 1. We know that precision punch with shock-proof device, using a special anti-vibration rubber, to extend the motor life to reduce noise.

2. High-speed press table design and fully consider the installation and maintenance, to provide customers with the diversity of purchase cnc busbar bender, installation convenience, easy maintenance, shallow extension of the general processing, application to enhance the value-added products. 3. Nowadays, the precision punch press is equipped with the bathroom adjustment device, which can ensure the smooth adjustment of the precision punching machine. It can meet the environmental protection requirements and reduce the cost of the precision press. 4. The application of electric motors in precision presses is very high, and the reason why the precision presses are able to operate with high efficiency is that a large part of the reason is because of the high-efficiency press motor, we can achieve the energy improvement according to the speed change.

Precision punching machine manufacturers to teach you how to carry out precision maintenance

How to carry out maintenance of precision presses 1, often keep the center column, the slider guide column clean, keep ground cleaning, and mold to keep the mold floor without dirt, to ensure clean platform to avoid scratches. 2, the new precision punch in the use of 1 month, add some butter flywheel (including the feeder) to maintain its lubrication, if not add butter for a long time, will lead to wear and tear inside the flywheel, affecting machine performance steel straightening machine, Maintenance also need to add (more than 150O high temperature butter) 3, the machine cycle oil replacement: the new machine in 1 month to replace 1 drilling equipment companies, after every six months to replace 1 to ensure the normal operation of the machine and precision (32 # machine oil or Mobil 1405 #) Precision punching regular inspection work 1, the fuel tank is enough oil, oil is clean. 2, three-point combination of automatic injector whether there is oil. (Upper and lower limits) 3, booster pump oil is sufficient. (Fuel tank more than half) 4, with or without oil leakage, leakage phenomenon. 5, the storage tank whether there is drainage 6, the machine has abnormal sound. 7, to maintain the internal control cabinet clean CNC angle punch, well ventilated.