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IPM large punch to fill the vacancies in the market

“We produce large-scale press machinery installed on the card, collecting information on the operation of equipment, real-time feedback to users and manufacturers, the country has no precedent, this fist product so that our core competitiveness is growing.” Yesterday, Mei (China) Industrial Co., Ltd. has stated that the timely development of information to the development of information technology, the operation of production safety measures, punch through the Industrial Cooperation Union docking, not only greatly improved product quality, market customers continue to upgrade , The cost of production decreased significantly in the first half of the company ‘s profits and tax dollars, an extension of about 20%.

IPM machinery “two fusion” began two years ago, a debate on the information industry, Zhenhai layout ignited the statement “two fusion dream.” There is no experience can be copied “IPM Punch” to explore and gradually expand the business of SMS, two-dimensional code, micro letter, punch video and other information technology control to each center business, step by step exposure encouragement.

Punch of information technology integration, “IPM” products to the high-end road quickly. This year, the card module “IPM” and Ningbo University joint venture, each machine installed in the card, the output, voltage, punch temperature and other information on the machine running to achieve timely monitoring of the owners and “IPM” mobile terminal to send customers to synchronize, the company can Abnormal early warning aircraft without lights. This allows to observe the surprise and delight of the customer, believing and purchasing the dream greatly increased.

Information technology to “IPM” products in the market come out on top, but also significant capacity in the enterprise management. For example, a large mechanical shift that reconciles the eight phones needed to punch in the past, now only need to pick up the phone, enter the happy ending of the four numeric keys; company code can be seen everywhere, employees need to pick up “sweep” Management staff is not in the workshop, through the 120 surveillance cameras, “control all” the layout of the workshop, a call to the public issue of radio remote control management.

IPM machinery is the biggest in the vicious competition barriers, has only two products in the market, “Punch in the future, we will follow the technology integration – product integration – business integration – the road of industrial integration in the” two Fusion ‘depth to continue to explore.

Machine tool industry to create a dominant position for the industry to gather strength

This year, in the face of the new situation of economic restructuring, the role of machinery and equipment manufacturing base of the press, seize the opportunity to attract incremental stocks to help the development of machinery and equipment manufacturing industry cluster to improve the overall level of machinery and equipment manufacturing industry, And growth is one of the six leading industries.

Advantage of industrial agglomeration drive upgrade. For the industry, such as mechanical punching equipment more than 80% of the actual total size of the industry, presses promote the development of the industry, bigger and stronger as soon as possible. Become the most development potential of the industrial clusters and competitive advantage.

Kai Wei machinery mainly engaged in the development of hydraulic machines, production and sales. It is reported that the production of high-grade hydraulic equipment blank, as a leading domestic enterprises must play a leading role in driving the development of upstream and downstream industries, promote the transformation and upgrading of precision machinery machine tool industry.

Our product quality is one of the key factors to measure the lasting development of an enterprise. Now, more and more enterprises “revolution” in the “high-precision punch wave, to achieve their own gorgeous turn, virtually making” smart “Made in China.

In recent years, with the continuous development of the industry, the export of machinery products are also more and more other countries, punching domestic enterprises in China’s output increased directly driven by increased foreign demand. International Mold Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui said that China’s hydraulic machinery has formed a larger economic scale, but with the development of the market, hydraulic products, performance requirements are increasingly high, the accuracy of the user which evolved into a market High-end demand.

Internet, e-commerce has also opened up a hydraulic press industry, a new market space, effectively reduce the phenomenon of industry overcapacity. With the development of the Internet, e-commerce, more and more market channels have been opened, because the traditional model of Internet e-commerce has become increasingly saturated, punch the mobile Internet in emerging markets or will become a new bearing industry development. This also requires China’s hydraulic equipment companies to actively develop products to meet the needs of high-end market to achieve through the independent innovation and brand building to stimulate domestic demand and to promote the international field of foundation machinery casting industry action.

CNC punch machine why the thermal deformation

CNC punch machine is the digital control of short, is a standard control system with the voluntary machine. The control system may logically process and decode a program with control codes or other flag command rules so that the punch press treats the punch as a machined part.

CNC punch press in the heat of the table, the heat of the heat shock effect, the various parts of the CNC punch will determine the level of heat distortion, so that the relative motion between the workpiece and the associated damage, but also to reduce the accuracy of the machine. For simple thermal deformation, the thermal deformation of the machine tool to reach the safe state, often take a long time to preheat the machine, which in turn affected the delivery rate. Treatment of CNC punch, because the processing is controlled by the computer’s instructions, the impact of thermal deformation is even more tense.

1 CNC punch press on the needs of the parts in the NC punch to be understood, the amount of processing and IPM punch required to purchase the number of CNC punch press and the number of units

2 on the staff of CNC punch time training

3 CNC punch press on the CNC machine tools for trial processing

4, the exact acceptance and installation of CNC punch

Although the IPM punch is extremely severe, but strict after we will receive very good results.

Requirements of NC Punching Tool

1 tool requirements

CNC punch press can be used for rough turning. In order to make the rough turn to the full depth, to the knife, roughing tool with high strength, durability, precision car is to ensure precision machining and tooling precision, durability, a good method. In order to reduce tool change time and convenient tools, use the knife holder as much as possible. The use of machine tools can be set automatically for the tool. If the traditional lathe by machine tool clamping is only an active, then the use of machine tools in the CNC lathe is a requirement. Cutter body of the knife body requires high precision, should be a reasonable choice clamping blade. The machine adopts CNC lathe, generally without gasket adjustment, high precision, should be guaranteed in the manufacturing. For the tool diameter of the aspect ratio, it is preferable to have an anti-vibration structure. The inner diameter of the coolant is preferably introduced from the body of the cutter, and then from the tip near the jet. On blades, in most cases, cemented carbide inserts should be coated. Coatings are better than (> 100 /) at high cutting speeds. Ordinary lathe cutting speed is generally not to, so the Zhengzhou punch with a hard alloy blade can not be coated. Blade coating adds less than double the cost, while the use of CNC lathe durability can be increased more than 2 times. The coating blade can increase the cutting speed, thereby improving the processing efficiency. Under normal circumstances, titanium carbide, titanium nitride and alumina coating materials, in the same blade can also be applied to different layers of material, composite coating. CNC lathes on the chip breaker chip breaker higher requirements. The reason is simple: CNC lathes in a closed environment with a high degree of automatic cutting, so in the turning process is difficult for a large number of chips for manual processing. If the broken chip is not good, it will be wrapped in the head, can squeeze the bad blade, will cut the surface strain. Ordinary lathe and carbide blade is generally two-dimensional chip breaking in the chip is usually used in CNC turning inserts. Punch three-size chip breaker in many forms, usually in the blade factory to form a number of standards. The common feature is good chip breaking performance and wide chip breaking range. For concrete material parts, the cutting parameters set, we should pay attention to select the blade slot. The selection process can be used to do some theoretical discussion, but more important is to experiment. In some cases, the cutting parameters can be modified according to the slot of the existing blade. It is no doubt that the blade has a high degree of durability.

CNC lathe also requires good consistency of the blade in order to facilitate the use of tool life management functions. When using tool life management, its setting principles and durability are based on the leaf blade’s minimum durability. In this case, the consistency of the blades is more important than the average life expectancy. As for the accuracy, the same accuracy of the blade is good.

2 knife seat (folder) requirements

Tool (edge) tools rarely installed directly in the CNC lathe tool holder, they generally use the knife seat (also known as the knife clip) transition. The shape of these three factors and the shape of the tool, punch knife block structure mainly depends on the knife body spindle configuration. The type of knife seat is the factory thing, the degree of standardization is low. The machine tool turret configuration is a total of only a few spindles; only the tool shape (mainly refers to the part of the connection with the knife seat) type too much. Users in the selection, should minimize the type, type, to facilitate management.

The Role of Hydraulic Power Station in Drilling Machine

As the name suggests, hydraulic power station is to provide power for the plane drilling equipment, hydraulic power station in the plane drilling machine in the course of the operation mainly play the following roles:
1. Clamping and releasing of the workpiece clamp to maintain sufficient clamping force during the drilling process;
2. To drive the feed motion of the spindle of the flat drilling machine, to realize the fast approaching work, the slow working feed and the quick return;
3. After the gantry moves the tightening localization, enhances the drilling the position accuracy and the dimensional accuracy.
The surface drilling machine adopts the principle of “self-controlled stroke drilling power head”. It does not need to set any parameters before use, and it can carry out express feed automatically – slow workpiece feeding – quick return conversion. , Liquid three combined effect, no idle consumption, easy operation, improve efficiency.

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