Pneumatic Pneumatic Components of the shortcomings of the punch 1 angle machine, due to the compressibility of the air, the cylinder speed of action vulnerable to changes in load changes. The use of gas-liquid linkage can overcome this shortcoming. 2, the cylinder in low-speed movement, the proportion of friction due to a larger thrust angle bender, the cylinder’s low-speed stability than hydraulic cylinders. 3, although in many applications, the cylinder output power to meet the work requirements, but its output force smaller than the hydraulic cylinder.

Pneumatic Press – Pneumatic technology is based on compressed air as the medium to drive and control a professional mechanical technology busbar shearing machine. Because of its energy-saving, pollution-free, high efficiency, low cost, safe and reliable, simple structure, etc., are widely used in various machinery and production lines. In the past, pneumatic systems and their components in production lines such as automobiles and tractors were designed, manufactured and maintained by each factory.