Now the precision punch press and high-speed punch products are widely used in the industry drill machine for flange, then the precision punch products in many applications is very convenient, why do we like to use precision punching machine or high-speed punch it, precision punch with what unique advantages?

High-speed punching in the process of high-speed stamping need to add high-speed stamping oil stamping, the general use of hand-extruded plastic oil pot intermittent filling, operation is very troublesome, low efficiency; hand pressure is difficult to control the intensity , Resulting in difficult to control the amount of high-speed stamping oil; manual filling operation also has some security risks. At this point can be used to automatically lubricate the oil to the oil cnc drill machine, to improve the quality of the surface of the workpiece to protect high-speed punch stamping die. 1. We know that precision punch with shock-proof device, using a special anti-vibration rubber, to extend the motor life to reduce noise.

2. High-speed press table design and fully consider the installation and maintenance, to provide customers with the diversity of purchase cnc busbar bender, installation convenience, easy maintenance, shallow extension of the general processing, application to enhance the value-added products. 3. Nowadays, the precision punch press is equipped with the bathroom adjustment device, which can ensure the smooth adjustment of the precision punching machine. It can meet the environmental protection requirements and reduce the cost of the precision press. 4. The application of electric motors in precision presses is very high, and the reason why the precision presses are able to operate with high efficiency is that a large part of the reason is because of the high-efficiency press motor, we can achieve the energy improvement according to the speed change.