How to carry out maintenance of precision presses 1, often keep the center column, the slider guide column clean, keep ground cleaning, and mold to keep the mold floor without dirt, to ensure clean platform to avoid scratches. 2, the new precision punch in the use of 1 month, add some butter flywheel (including the feeder) to maintain its lubrication, if not add butter for a long time, will lead to wear and tear inside the flywheel, affecting machine performance steel straightening machine, Maintenance also need to add (more than 150O high temperature butter) 3, the machine cycle oil replacement: the new machine in 1 month to replace 1 drilling equipment companies, after every six months to replace 1 to ensure the normal operation of the machine and precision (32 # machine oil or Mobil 1405 #) Precision punching regular inspection work 1, the fuel tank is enough oil, oil is clean. 2, three-point combination of automatic injector whether there is oil. (Upper and lower limits) 3, booster pump oil is sufficient. (Fuel tank more than half) 4, with or without oil leakage, leakage phenomenon. 5, the storage tank whether there is drainage 6, the machine has abnormal sound. 7, to maintain the internal control cabinet clean CNC angle punch, well ventilated.