Press drive system Press hydraulic systems commonly used in hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors are equivalent to the type of container, punch works are the use of their volume changes in oil and pressure oil punching machine, in principle, they are different, but in the structure There are differences. Punch hydraulic system has multi-level overload protection, oil temperature alarm, oil level alarm protection and other automatic protection devices, punch electrical system using sophisticated PLC control, to ensure the safety of equipment and operators. Pressing the working cylinder are used for large flow and secondary fuel tank filling tank at the same time for the liquid drilling machine, punch can achieve rapid oil filling, oil supplement to enhance the return oil, effectively saving the short auxiliary time and improve the forging efficiency. The equipment is equipped with reliable cooling circulation system, which can stably control the temperature rise and ensure the safe and reliable operation of the system. Traveling drive system is an important part of construction machinery. Compared with the working system, the travel drive system not only needs to transmit more power Steel Frame Structures, but also has higher efficiency and longer service life. It is also desirable to change the output shaft rotation direction and reverse transmission Power and so has a good ability.