Electrical switch operation is the operation of electrical equipment to change the state of the important operations for the scheduling of power grid operation and management is a very important work. In the process of switching operation, by isolating switches and circuit breakers for operation, including the input and disconnect the circuit, the relay protection to change the operating status and settings, as well as the installation and removal of the grounding wire and so on. In this state of change, the load will change the impact of the need for re-allocation of load and adjustment. Prior to the operation of the electrical switch, to the rationality of its operation automatic welding machine in advance of the assessment, and to ensure that the specific operation of the switching operation is clear. In general, the electrical system, the state of the relevant equipment can be divided into running, hot standby, cold standby and maintenance of 4 different states. In the process of changing the operating state of the equipment, the dispatcher is required to carry out unified command and operate strictly according to the dispatching instruction. Electric switch operation should be strictly related to the technical standards and operating principles to abide by, and the equipment running a comprehensive grasp of the state to ensure good operational capacity and safety awareness, so as to ensure the electrical switch operation of the rationality and practical results. In this paper, the operation should pay attention to some of the issues and points were analyzed and explored.
First, the operating principle and procedures of the power device switch
1. Principles of operation
In the switching operation, to the strict attention to misuse, and strictly in accordance with the relevant specification process to operate. “Electrical safety work order” for the corresponding operation of the stringent requirements, in the actual implementation process, we must strictly in accordance with the relevant technical specifications and operating procedures to operate. In the blackout operation, to the circuit cnc drill breaker, load side of the isolation switch, bus side of the isolation switch in turn operation, in the delivery point on the closing operation, then the bus side of the isolation switch to operate in turn, load side of the isolation switch, . In practice, it is strictly prohibited in the load state for the isolation switch to operate, which is the whole operation of the important safety principles, which is to protect equipment, personal safety, the scope of the accident to narrow the necessary prerequisite.
2. Operational procedures
In the implementation of the operation of the votes in the process, to accept the task, the characters were identified, and compared to the board, and then fill out the operation of the vote, and do a good job audit. Before the operation, but also for possible failures and accidents in advance of the analysis, the operation of the corresponding simulation process. After completing the simulation and preliminary analysis, prepare for the safety tool, and make a comprehensive check on the device number name. During the inspection of the equipment status, ensure that the inspection is complete and confirmed. (Http://www.ipmmc.com/ ) in the operation of the implementation process, the status of the equipment in real time to check and report on the operation, and ultimately the corresponding records. In addition, in order to avoid operational errors in the operation of high-voltage electrical equipment, to strictly in accordance with the relevant operating norms to operate strictly prohibited with a pull-pull with ground closing, isolation switch, strayed into the live interval, , Wrong pull together circuit breakers and other operations.
Second, the switching operation of the type of command
The single operation order, the comprehensive operation order and the itemized operation order are the main operation command types in the current switching operation. A single operational order involving a specific unit, its release a specific operation order, after the completion of the operation, the need for on-site reporting. Comprehensive operational orders involving a specific unit, its release operational tasks, and then operate, and then dispatchers to confirm the operation, and then perform the operation after the report. The item-by-item operation command flange welding machine means that the operation command is issued one-by-one for the operation command, and when the operation command is received, execution is performed in accordance with the order. Operation-by-item operation is generally scheduled for multiple units, dispatchers to fill out the operation in advance of the vote, then one by one issued an order, in the operation by item, the progress of timely reporting.
Third, the switching operation of the specific content and attention issues
First, before the switch operation, to the content, time, units, power outages and inspection mode of operation to check. Dispatching personnel in the process of scheduling management, to maximize the correctness of the operation to ensure that the operating behavior of the full approval and approval, and correct.
Second, to improve the operation of the normative. In the process of specific operations, to specify the operation of the vote in advance, and fill in the specific information in the process, for the site, grid operation, as well as repair orders to fill out, and based on the scope of reconciliation. In the filling process, to protect the norms, standards, and fill in the text clean, there is no modification. Fill in the content of the device, to accurately fill in the number and noun, strictly prohibit the implementation of the operation after the first vote to fill the behavior. In the operation of the vote to fill, but also on the specific wiring, reactive power output, active power, voltage, power flow distribution, power grid stability, communication and scheduling automation and other aspects of the impact analysis. If the operation will have an impact on the dispatch of the jurisdiction, then the need to advance notice of the relevant units to ensure that will not cause unnecessary losses. In operation, but also to ensure the normal operation of the corresponding devices and with, the transformer grounding method specification, stop power operation specification. (Http://www.ipmmc.com/ )
Third, improve the integrity of the operation. In order to ensure the operation of the scientific and information, we must improve the integrity of the operation. A standard operating behavior, the need to be informed by the scheduling staff, and informed of the process, for the recitation, recording and monitoring systems, such as strict implementation. In the actual operation of the scheduling process, to carry out the corresponding song, for the operation of the instructions and on-site operation of personnel reporting operations should be repeated accordingly, to avoid misunderstanding caused by misconduct caused by behavior. In the course of operation, to the operator, operating time, send the contents of the time and the completion time and other information to conduct a comprehensive record, and to ensure that the entire process of recording operations. To ensure the effective development of recording work can ensure the rigor of work to ensure the discipline of scheduling, which also facilitate the rectification of the problem for the latter part of the solution. For the command issued an error situation, the scene guardians to promptly correct and put forward. After completion of the operation, the guardian for the operation to conduct a rigorous inspection to ensure that there is no oversight. In the operation of the operation of the ticket, it is strictly based on the operation of its operation-by-item operation, not items, missing items, secretly jump and add items, and also strictly prohibited only rely on memory and experience, not in accordance with the operation of the votes. For temporary problems need to change the operation, you need to communicate with the squad leader to ensure that consent before proceeding to the next step.
Fourth, improve operational reliability. In the process of operation, to fully apply to the scheduling system, for voltage, current and other changes in real-time monitoring, which can effectively improve the correctness of the operation to ensure that the operation and the actual situation is consistent. In the course of operation, but also for the correct connection to the grid to be taken seriously and consider, and concerned about the user’s own electricity quality and reliability of the guarantee. In operation, but also in advance of possible accidents and risks hidden for analysis, in advance to deal with the formulation of plans. In the switching operation, to ensure the reasonable arrangement of its operating time, to avoid as much as possible peak load, shift time and special climate, and as low as possible to choose the case of complex operation. When the shift is in operation, you need to run the shift shift after the operation is complete. In practice, in order to ensure the reliability of operation and reduce the safety problem, it is necessary to fully comply with the relevant rules and regulations and strict implementation, careful and careful participation in the operation and scheduling implementation.
Fourth, switching operation analysis
After completion of the disconnection operation of the circuit breaker, the misoperation behavior needs to be effectively controlled. Disconnect the circuit breaker for line power failure is completed, first for the load side of the isolation switch to operate to ensure that the standard operating sequence. In the “false opening” and “rejection” is the more common phenomenon of failure and misuse of one of the phenomena, then the need for the operation of the load with the ban. If the circuit breaker is not fully open, the operation of the load side of the isolating switch, then you can ensure that the circuit breaker protection within the arc short circuit occurs, then the circuit breaker trip occurs, this can achieve the effective removal of the fault , But also to achieve the effective control of the scope of the accident. If the bus side of the isolation switch operation, it will lead to circuit breaker protection outside the arc short-circuit, which in the current transformer, there is no fault current through, which will not lead to line circuit breaker protection action, so will not The circuit breaker tripping behavior, resulting in difficult to effectively control the scope of the accident. (Http://www.ipmmc.com/) In the process of power transmission operation, you need to first bus side of the isolation switch, combined with the load side of the isolation switch, and finally a circuit breaker. This operation is mainly to improve the convenience of the latter part of the maintenance and security, in the event of misuse of the accident, only the load side of the isolation switch for maintenance, you can achieve the purpose of solving the problem. If the bus side of the isolation switch for maintenance, you need to disable the bus, which will also affect the power outage area.
All in all, for the current grid operation, the protection of stability, security, reliability is an important goal of grid operation and management, but also to ensure the quality and effectiveness of power supply services to ensure the safe production of power necessary. In the actual power companies to start within the relevant installation, maintenance, adjustment, accident handling and other work in the process, for the electrical switch operation to regulate the management and improve the work of the implementation of the normative. Duty management personnel to the operation of the equipment to fully understand the state, and strictly in accordance with the relevant switching operation of the specific norms and regulations for the operation process to attach great importance to ensure safe, reliable, standard, standardized operation, and effectively protect the power grid Stable operation and safe production of electricity.