In the end what is “Made in Germany”
Speaking of German manufacturing, we all feel good, big to the car, small screwdriver, but why they are good, in the end is good, not everyone is clear.
German-made word of mouth is built on a very interesting and critical point of view: do not believe in people. Germans have a deep-rooted concept that people will make mistakes, there will be errors, especially in the production process, the introduction of these people the negative impact of each step through the pipeline  CNC Busbar Punching Machine to enlarge, will ultimately affect the quality of the product.
Therefore, the production of the entire project, the more human factors, the greater the possibility of the final product out of the question. Therefore, the German people to improve the quality of ideas is very direct, that is, in the production process to use all possible means to minimize the natural impact of the people, everything is broken down into machines (or portrait machine-like action) can be simple to implement. In other words, is to improve the level of automation of production, as long as the machine can do, in a reasonable cost range, it is determined not to let people do. I have visited many factories in Germany, is indeed the case.
Dished Head Punching Machine
What is the difference between German and Chinese manufacturing?
Love hydraulic network that, first of all process: the figure is 1969 Volkswagen production lines, the degree of automation than many domestic auto factory are high degree of automation. The central purpose of the production process is to cut the production process is divided into very small pieces, each segment are followed strictly the order of processing, fragments between the use of automated transmission connected, each fragment is simple to do not need manual operation, Was replaced by the machine. Another industry example, talking about the software company, we all remember the United States like Microsoft, but the most successful software to do the process is the German SAP, they are enterprises (even non-production organization) all processes are solidified to Inside the angle punch machine software, the enterprise which everyone through the software curing to a function, and finally completed the reliable and efficient operation of enterprises, which is the power of process. (I would like to use ERP inside the enterprise ERP system, especially the financial procurement of certain affirmation is particularly familiar)
Measurable: The figure above is a three-dimensional measuring instrument introduced by Carl Zeiss in 1973 with an accuracy of 0.5 microns, revolutionizing fine industrial production. Performance of various measuring instruments is also a German man-made better. They want to produce each link can be accurately measured to the product and the production line of various problems and promptly corrected. Through these measures, they introduced a large number of feedback loop in the production process to ensure that the production of product quality control fluctuations in a small range, which is an important prerequisite for ensuring product quality. I provide another example of a familiar industry, the German kitchen than our middle school students chemical laboratory equipment even more, all ingredients are to use accurate measurement, of course, all the processing time and key aspects of the processing H-beam Drilling Machine temperature is The need for accurate measurement.
Automation: Automation is the human not good at doing repetitive error to the robot. The picture above is a picture of a future factory in the eyes of the famous Fraunhofer Institute of Industrial Services in Germany. What are the characteristics: the factory is entirely in the production of their own machines, and the role of people being visualized into two types: First, do production planning, production instructions issued; Second, to lay hands on the machine to help maintain production lines
Professional: I give you an example, an old German engineer, no qualifications, from the German vocational school after graduating from the FH in mechanical engineer jobs for more than thirty years, all of Germany’s nuclear power plant steam turbine are He is responsible for installation and commissioning. In the department which is highly respected. (The size of the steam turbine in the nuclear plant can be intuitively contrasted from the side ladder.) This accumulation of knowledge and experience is critical to reliable production and engineering quality.

CNC punching machine for HeadTool: We all know that the workers must first sharpen the truth. The Germans love tools, almost everything they do, and almost all of them have their own toolbox or tool room. They like to make things themselves, toddlers’ toys, home furnishings, large To your house.
Made in Germany so much, to be honest, I think the German manufacturing also has its problems. The biggest problem is that their manufacturing is not suitable for the manufacture of fast-moving band saw and changing products, because whenever a product life is more than 20 years, which makes repeat customers very embarrassed.
The current situation in Germany
Germany has entered the post-industrial era. That is to say a factory which does not have a natural person, all the processes from the feed, production, quality inspection, finished packaging, cargo stack all completed by the machine. Almost all of the workshop needs only one person to monitor, you can complete all the production. As an “operator” in fact is the engineer himself, he only need to press the button and regular troubleshooting.
Made in Germany
There is a story: a friend to find a German colleague to ask the way, the German colleagues are very nice with the author said, you wait for 1 hour to find me, I want to check the Internet. Think is nothing more than google a map, and then print out. The results of an hour back and found that she not only printed a good map, mark the good route, and even marked on where it would be more likely to go wrong, and finally with a plastic cover Drilling Machine for Plate a very fine sets of good to me, and finally with a note paper Write her phone, to the friend, and said, can not find the way, at any time you can call to ask.
German colleagues as long as the provision of services for others, he will stand in each other’s point of view to consider, “he asked me to get this service, he really needs are what.” Conversely, some Chinese colleagues, many times just to provide services for others as a task, the most important requirements to achieve, to deal with before the deadline to deal with it.
This idea is big to do what the product point of view will become. The same car, the most important thing is what? Four wheels, can run. The general idea is that as long as the four wheels, can run, and other materials can save the province on it, make money first. The idea of ​​the Germans would be, if I was a driver, then in the driving time, in addition to four wheels, can run, I will need.
The mystery of German products
Design: Europeans advocating low-key luxury, especially in high society, exaggerated LOGO and design of the most unpleasant. While the German manufacturing on the perfect fit this consumer psychology. The German pen (LAMY, PolyGram), for example, the simplest design is often able to win the consumer’s favorite. On behalf of the highest level of industrial design red dot award, the German practical and low-key products are always the most popular.
Quality: the soul of the product, the pursuit of quality of the German almost reached the realm of superb. However, this pursuit is not limited to product appearance, the Germans tend to be more invisible place more carefully. In the BMW Museum in Munich, the display of this luxury car brand early engine products. I saw a 20-generation production of the last century on a star engine, each bolt is connected with iron wire, the engineer’s father told me that this can maintain the same torque of each bolt, which is not difficult to explain the German manufacturing Dominate the global reason.
Technology: Needless to say, it took a fancy to the German technology, China’s reform and opening up only after the market for technology closer to Germany. In this nation of engineers and scientists, the enthusiasm of men, women and children for science and technology can be seen in a variety of expositions each year. Even the upcoming Oktoberfest beer festival, but also showcase the latest technology booth busbar bending cutting punching machine. Participating in the exhibition of construction machinery in Munich, Germany, saw the young people to help young and old to visit the construction machinery, sticks of the elderly, feeding babies, to visit the exhibition of construction machinery, really shocking.
Service: Germany is also a great magic weapon. In general, the purchase of the German company’s products, after-sales service can be guaranteed. “There are any problems you can always find us,” while the German product in a certain period of time with a return service at any time, but the return rate is very few there. The service attitude is the most intuitive feel.
German products in the end is good
The real German product quality is the source of the grasp and refinement of the details, many German companies are not pursuing the accumulation of wealth, but the practicality of technology and products, so almost do not see what products in Germany, the ad is colorful, or Attractive attractive packaging (in addition to well-known global products).
German products rarely go to price competition with industry products, one industry protection, the second is that everyone knows that the price is not everything, and may even make the whole industry into a vicious circle, they are more willing to guarantee profits at the same time, So that profits into a better product and service improvement.
Germany’s product replacement is not fast, but concerned about the quality and value of each product, almost no German companies can become rich overnight or become the focus of the world, they are often focused on a particular area or a product of “small companies” , “Slow company”, but very few “poor company”, “fake company”, they have a hundred years of history a lot of small companies.
We do not say that the car is familiar with the German representative of the product, that some of our lives are closely related to the German small objects and services, to see Germany where the product is good in the end.
Children’s food: all food-related products, especially children’s food, in terms of safety, from the ingredients to the production, processing, and then have strict sales regulations drilling machine and testing. To milk, for example, German milk powder does not allow children under the age of 3 years of consumption of products containing artificial flavor sweeteners, etc., and all milk powder is not allowed to do a lot of advertising, and all milk powder are regarded as drug regulatory ranks, in addition to milk powder Many maternal and child products are also only allowed to sell pharmacies.
Adult food: Adult food and children’s food have strict inspection and regulations, such as German chocolate, all of the German chocolate are required to use natural cocoa butter as raw material processing production. It is well known that natural cocoa butter in chocolate can prevent cardiovascular disease, but many manufacturers use artificial cocoa butter in order to save costs, and this generation of cocoa butter causes renal failure, arteriosclerosis and so on.
Skin care products: Many skin care brands in Germany may not be well-known in France, but I know a few well-known German organic skin care brands, such as the German family and Wei Leide, for their products to establish an organic botanical garden, specifically for products Provide organic raw materials to ensure product safety.
Detergents: Cleaner itself contains chemical composition, the harm to human body more or less, but the German local production of non-industrial use chemical products, such as detergents, hand sanitizer, detergent, in addition to the efficacy of cleaning and sterilization , The vast majority of the use of biodegradable technology, that is, by microbial decomposition of the chemical composition, the chemical harm to the human body to a minimum.
Kitchen appliances: Many people questioned why a German pot will be a few thousand dollars, in the end where your Gui, in fact, not only because of the German pot of material quality and production and processing of outstanding, there are many of which contain the technology. For example, Hei Lite’s pot with natural anti-bacterial and high temperature properties, and Fei Shiluo of the pots will have to go through the production process 9,000 processes, energy saving, excellent heat transfer effect. This is why some people say that a pot with a candle in Germany can do a meal.
Living things: In fact, the best embodies the German-made products is its daily necessities, pay attention to is a concept of quality of life, such as insulation pot, is simply a set of functions, technology, design for a work of art, such as water treatment pot, Germany There is a brand of filter can filter both inorganic harmful substances, but also filter organic harmful substances, and the water quality of the filter is rich in magnesium.
Germany’s small appliances: Bosch Bosch, Braun Braun, Miele Miele, Siemens Siemens these brands is enough to represent the essence of high quality German home appliances. Even their technology content is not less than their automotive technology. Such as Braun’s negative ion technology, the United States and the outside of the steam generator technology and so on.
Germany’s health care skin care products: almost the famous German health care skin care brand has its own laboratories and plantations to ensure that the natural organic quality and product extraction technology, and some product intelligence in the local pharmacy to buy. This is different from many well-known brands, the Germans spend money on research and development and quality, rather than advertising and promotion.
Product-related services: products and services themselves rely on a sound security system and insurance system, so all products will have a comprehensive after-sales and other services, such as in the process of online shopping, third-party logistics staff is absolutely not throw Wrapped parcels cause damage, or poor delivery attitude.
This is the German manufacturing, not the pursuit of price, but the pursuit of value, not the pursuit of external, but the pursuit of detail, not the pursuit of advertising, but the pursuit of word of mouth, not the pursuit of speed, but the pursuit of quality.